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From: Ryan Wise
Outdoor Energy,
Outdoor Fitness Sydney,
1800 151 767,
3:05pm February 11th

Dear Friend,

If you want to get into incredible shape FAST and stay that way… then this could be the most important page you’ll ever read.

My name is Ryan Wise … I own Outdoor Energy’s Outdoor Fitness program – Sydney’s most in-demand and fun fitness program… for the last 5 years I have achieved mind-blowing results helping people just like you to get into the best shape of their lives.

Our workouts are fast, fun, inexpensive, extremely successful and only take about 45-minutes… and we’ll have you looking amazing in no time… no matter what kind of shape you’re in now.

With our Outdoor Fitness workouts you will…

  • Lose fat for once and for all
  • Feel great
  • Learn what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it
  • Tone up your entire body
  • Flatten your stomach
  • And so much more

It’s important to me that our clients get results fast and have a good time in the process… so we change the workouts on a regular basis to keep things fun and keep your body from getting stagnant (which is what inevitably can happen if you do a similar workout routine over and over)

And our workouts are extremely affordable letting everyone benefit from them.

There’s absolutely no reason for the outrageously high cost of hiring a gym based personal trainer when you can get BETTER results in half the time in a high energy, motivating environment at a fraction of the cost… it’s quite simply that simple.

Check Out Some Of The Results Our Outdoor Fitness Sydney Clients Are Getting…

"I lost 30 kilos in less than 5 months…"

"I began training with Ryan and his team early last year but I had NO IDEA what a profound change would take place. I lost 30 kilos in less than 5 months! In fact, at first glance, some of my own family members don’t even recognize me now..I work around food all day and with it constantly surrounding me I let myself go through over indulging. My feelings about my body image were severely negative and I fought to overcome this opinion of myself. Training with Outdoor Energy enabled me to do this.

Today I look in the mirror and see a new beginning, a new body, a new me!

Time after time Outdoor Energy held me accountable to stick with my diet and progress through every session, thank you."

Apprentice chef
Northern beaches, Sydney

"I’ve gained muscles everywhere on my body…"

"Before I starting working out with Ryan and the Outdoor Energy team, I had tried countless gyms. It was just so hard for me to get the motivation to stick with my workouts. The Outdoor Energy team makes showing up to the gym easy and they always make sure I use the proper technique, exercise form and maximize every moment spent working out. They keep me accountable by making sure I’m keeping up on my sessions, supplements and eating the right foods. In 7 months, I’ve completely transformed my body going from 97kg to 115kg putting on an incredible 18 kilos of lean muscle!"

Adam Lever
Managing Director, Big screen promotions
Manly, Northern Beaches

"I am finally able to fit into that wedding dress… worth far more than what it costs…"

"When I first contacted Outdoor Energy six and a half months ago I was stressing about losing weight for my special day, I was concerned about the cost of personal trainers, I just wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money. Well I can say with confidence it’s worth every penny and then some! In fact, after seeing and feeling the results I truly believe it’s worth far more than what it costs! There has never been a workout with Outdoor Energy that I walked away thinking I didn’t get what I had paid for. I am now in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life and I looked absolutely amazing in that wedding dress!"

Grace Harris
Queenscliff, Sydney

"I’ve lost that stubborn weight around my midsection, lost over 7kg of fat and have kept if off for years now…"

"You never made it boring…

Thank you for taking me through your Bootcamp fitness program and helping me flatten my stomach while losing all of that extra fat.. You challenged me and undoubtedly knew what I was capable of at each session. I never felt like I was pushed into the deep end! I loved how you never made it boring by always changing it up. Your motivation and love for fitness has stuck with me for years now! You have truly found your calling!"

As you can see above, my outdoor fitness program gets real and lasting fat loss results for real people JUST LIKE YOU…

HOWEVER… If you’re just looking to train with an outdoor trainer for a quick fix … or if you’re not entirely committed, I mean 100% committed to getting into shape… then our boot camp program isn’t for you… it’s ONLY for DO-ERS… PERIOD.

But… if you are one of those committed to having the kind of body you deserve… and living the kind of life you KNOW you deserve deep down inside… then I’m prepared to help you get there as FAST as possible.

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There’s No Question About If
You’ll Get Results…Only When

That means you’re going to Look Great And Feel Great no matter what.

What’s really cool is a lot of the people I train had lost hope and confidence that it was possible.

They never believed they could achieve such incredible results…yet they did, quite literally blowing away their family, friends, neighbours and co-workers.

Can you imagine how they feel?

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To…..

  • Increased energy, strength and vigor to go through every day full force
  • A tighter, firmer, toned body (have the arms, legs & thighs you’ve always wanted)
  • An accelerated, sped-Up Metabolism to burn calories all day (even at rest)
  • Flatter abs with a toned waistline (the body part that says it all)
  • 2+ kg of weight loss every 30 days (ongoing results)
  • A drop of 2-4% body fat in your first 10 weeks
  • Look and feel years and years younger
  • Improved muscle tone and confidence in appearance (be proud of your body)
  • Sleep better, enjoy each day more, and boost your productivity
  • Decreased stress, anxiety and worrying feelings
  • Look and feel better in the clothes you want to wear!
  • Diminish cravings for that nasty food (fats, sugars) that leaves you feeling guilty
  • Reduced joint pain, back soreness and weight load on your knees
  • Lose 1-3 dress sizes in your first 2 months (and every month after)
  • The Truth About How to Make Rapid, Measurable Improvements In Your Body

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What Most Personal Trainers Don’t Want You to Know…

Most Sydney Personal Trainers charge between $80 – $110 per session. And with the outdated 1-on-1 model of training, you may need to schedule 3, 4 or even 5 sessions a week just to see the results you’d expect.

This can seriously leave holes in your pocket, or possibly make participating in any training only a dream.

The Outdoor Energy Group Fitness workouts are so effective we start clients out with only 2-3 sessions per week.

And with the semi-private model were able to pass a dramatic savings onto you – not to mention the astonishing fitness results.

With our outdoor fitness Sydney workouts, you’ll not only enjoy the supportive attitude of you’re like-minded workout partners, but you’ll also benefit from the social support of your peers to take your efforts to the next level.

And one of the main benefits is the extra motivation and positive drive the others bring to the workout environment…

…no one wants to be a slacker when everyone else is giving 100% effort.

Add to this the professional instruction, guidance and top-quality workouts and you have a recipe to whip your body into shape in a matter of weeks.

This just isn’t possible with the old one-on-one personal training model.

Don’t waste your time working with an average personal trainer. You would easily pay $700 per month (for average results).

Come join in one of our group fitness boot camps and you’ll get even better results than personal training… at a fraction of the cost. Instead your investment to take part in my outdoor fitness Sydney program is as little as $174 per month for unlimited access to ALL times and locations.

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Simply click the register now button to get your 2 week free trial … It’s more affordable than a personal trainer and much more exciting than the gym… and I can say with confidence it’s the most valuable workout program known to man.

And just in case you are not happy with the results…

Check out my iron-clad guarantee…

100% Money Back Guarantee

At this moment there are only two things that you could do

You can leave this website and carry on living exactly how you have been… getting the exact same kinds of results. You can stay in the exact same shape you’re in right now (or possibly even get worse)… and you can continue putting off a better body and a better life until a tomorrow that may never come…

OR you can call us today on 1800 151 767 and lose your unwanted kilos, tone your muscle and live the kind of life you deserve… a life where you look as fit and attractive as possible… where you feel healthy and full of force… where you turn heads when you walk into a room and are the envy of your friends…

You’re an intelligent person and I trust you’ll make the right decision.

There are still a few slots left.

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"9 Good Reasons Why You’d Be Crazy Not To Give Our Outdoor Fitness Sydney Program A Go!"

  1. Accountability: We will make sure you show up to your workouts, educate, support and guide you every step of the way, applying just the right amount of pressure to make sure you reach your goals!
  2. Science: There’s NO gimmick – our group fitness is based on strengthening your muscles (to get your metabolism revved up!), cardiovascular exercise (to blaze those calories!) and nutrition (to keep your metabolism ramped!)
  3. Nutritional Instruction: We’ve helped numerous other folks just like you successfully lose weight, look great and feel like a million bucks. You will discover which foods to eat and when to eat them!
  4. Motivation: We know how to get you going FAST and keep you going, so the results come quickly! (We’re here to make sure you ALWAYS rise to the occasion and get the most out of each workout… this just isn’t possible without a trainer
  5. Expertise: You’re coached and trained by a Certified, highly trained fitness and weight loss EXPERT (you won’t ever have to worry about exercise form or ineffective workouts)
  6. Structure & Consistency: Let’s face it; this is where people almost always come unstuck. We keep you on track, moving forward, so you see and feel the results quickly.
  7. Fun Workouts: You’re not going to stick to something you don’t enjoy right?… We make SURE you have an amazing time during your workouts
  8. Efficiency: We know you’re busy, our 45 minute workouts make sure we get you in and get you out, at your convenience, so you can continue with your day.
  9. You Are Not Alone Anymore: Going it alone doesn’t work, Outdoor Energy does! We will give you mental, physical and emotional support which is CRITICAL to your progress.

Are you finally ready for the answers that will help you dramatically reshape your body and change your life? Just fill in your information below then activate your Free 2 week trial….

Yes! Ryan I’m Finally Ready For The Solutions That Will Shed Unwanted Fat From My Body Once And For All?

  • Yes, I’m ready for the solutions that will shed fat from my body!
  • Yes, I want to look and feel better than I ever have!
  • Yes, I want to be more attractive and command confidence
  • Yes, I want health, abundance energy and increased self-esteem
  • Yes, I want fun, motivating and intense workouts that will whip my body into shape whether I like it or now…
  • Yes, I want a trainer who is qualified, educated, likeable, and willing to push me further than I could ever possibly go on my own.
  • Yes, I want to put the turbo-booster on my metabolism by sculpting lean-toned muscle that will charge up my fat-burning.
  • Yes, I want to be thrilled with finally fitting into smaller size clothes
  • Yes, I want affordable rates.
  • Yes, I want to make a Permanent change in my life and live every single day with my new body…

Claim Your 2-Week Trial Now And Never have to worry about how your body looks again…

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Yours in good health,

Ryan Wise
Outdoor Energy
Sydney, N.S.W

P.S. – long-term fitness and weight loss won’t happen overnight…but it will happen if you commit to making it happen with an Outdoor Energy outdoor trainer.

P.P.S. – You WILL be satisfied with my Bootcamp manly or any of our group fitness training locations GUARANTEED! If you’re not happy, we’ll give you your money back…. No questions asked with no hard feelings… if you don’t get the body you’ve always wanted then I don’t want your money… it’s that simple.

P.P.P.S. – Don’t forget… there are only a few places left… so register now to lock in your spot.

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Disclaimer: * Results are not typical. These results are only typical of our training clients who followed the nutritional guidelines of their personal trainer, showed up to their personal training sessions consistently, and worked hard to achieve their fitness goals.