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Hi I’m Ryan Wise, owner of Outdoor Energy’s Boot Camp Manly program – Sydney’s most sought after fitness program.

  • Have you ever tried working out, only to find out you’re not getting anywhere or seeing any results?
  • Are you one of the many people that have spent hours painfully slogging away in a Manly gym or Northern Beaches personal training studio without success?

Sadly You’re One Of Many!

The truth is many Manly residents struggle to lose weight because they try to do it alone without the knowledge and guidance from experts.

If your toilet was not working would you fix it yourself? No of course not – you’d hire a plumber.

If your deck needed an extension would you get out there yourself and start cutting wood? No way you’d hire a carpenter.

Working out is no different, there’s a right way and a wrong way – why do things the hard way when you can get results so much faster and easier.

Have you tried hiring a costly personal trainer except didn’t get the support or results you wanted, or maybe you’ve joined a gym only to soon get bored of doing the same sessions over and over again.

With A Bit Of Luck This Hasn’t Happened To You.

You can be assured that our boot camp Manly instructors are the best out there. I run a team of several Northern Beaches personal trainers and I only pick the best to help run my boot camp Manly sessions

We can guide you on which foods to eat and which ones to stay away from and supply you with a nutritional program and afterhours access to me or any of the team so you can ask us questions or lean on us for support and accountability.

The goal of our boot camp Manly training program is for you to lose weight quickly, so you can actually see the results from your work and start feeling great about yourself and your new body.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Check Out Some Of Our Boot Camp Manly Clients…

"I lost 30 kilos in less than 5 months…"

"I began training with Ryan and his team early last year but I had NO IDEA what a profound change would take place. I lost 30 kilos in less than 5 months! In fact, at first glance, some of my own family members don’t even recognize me now..I work around food all day and with it constantly surrounding me I let myself go through over indulging. My feelings about my body image were severely negative and I fought to overcome this opinion of myself. Training with Outdoor Energy enabled me to do this.

Today I look in the mirror and see a new beginning, a new body, a new me!

Time after time Outdoor Energy held me accountable to stick with my diet and progress through every session, thank you."

Apprentice chef
Northern beaches, Sydney

"I’ve gained muscles everywhere on my body…"

"Before I starting working out with Ryan and the Outdoor Energy team, I had tried countless gyms. It was just so hard for me to get the motivation to stick with my workouts. The Outdoor Energy team makes showing up to the gym easy and they always make sure I use the proper technique, exercise form and maximize every moment spent working out. They keep me accountable by making sure I’m keeping up on my cardio and eating the right foods. In 19 weeks, I’ve lost a couple of kilos of stubborn fat and gained muscles everywhere on my body!"

Adam Lever
Managing Director, Big screen promotions
Manly, Northern Beaches

"I am finally able to fit into that wedding dress… worth far more than what it costs…"

"When I first contacted Outdoor Energy six and a half months ago I was stressing about losing weight for my special day, I was concerned about the cost of personal trainers, I just wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money. Well I can say with confidence it’s worth every penny and then some! In fact, after seeing and feeling the results I truly believe it’s worth far more than what it costs! There has never been a workout with Outdoor Energy that I walked away thinking I didn’t get what I had paid for. I am now in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life and I looked absolutely amazing in that wedding dress!"

Grace Harris
Queenscliff, Sydney

"I’ve lost that stubborn weight around my midsection, lost over 7kg of fat and have kept if off for years now…"

"You never made it boring…

Thank you for taking me through your Bootcamp fitness program and helping me flatten my stomach while losing all of that extra fat.. You challenged me and undoubtedly knew what I was capable of at each session. I never felt like I was pushed into the deep end! I loved how you never made it boring by always changing it up. Your motivation and love for fitness has stuck with me for years now! You have truly found your calling!"

I’m so confident that you’ll love our quick, highly effective, no-nonsense 45-minute boot camp Manly workouts that I’m offering you a 100% money back guarantee.

Take Control of Your Body!

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Yours in good health,
Ryan Wise
Outdoor Energy Boot camp
Manly, Sydney, 2096

Ps. You could leave this page and continue complaining how you can’t fit into anything…how you will believe that your clothes will magically fit again. Or waste your money on gym memberships and useless weight loss diets and supplements…While staying the same or worse.
PPS. You have nothing to lose but the weight it’s self, It really is a no-brainer, You get to try Outdoor energy’s boot camp fitness in manly for 2 weeks for Absolutely FREE. If you don’t like it, No problem, Remember it is absolutely free and backed by our 100% money back guarantee.
PPPS. If you sign up and don’t get results, we are going to give you every single cent you spent with us back, that right you will get every cent you paid back, Guaranteed.

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